SUPER NINTENDO WORLD: Full Food Menu-Including Yoshi Snack Island!

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World Has Set Their Sights On A February 4th, 2021 Opening!

We are all very excited for this news, but what about the food? With the help of their NEW INTERACTIVE WEBSITE we took a look! Let’s break it down, shall we?

Kinopio House

“a playful and happy restaurant!”
Super Nintendo
Super Nintendo World-Hatenablock Tiramisu       Image Source:

Mario Burger – is a Bacon & Cheese burger with mushroom and mushroom patterned bun!

Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl – Tomato Sauce with Mushrooms – break off the top (mushroom patterned) pizza dough and there’s deliciousness inside!

Pacunflower Caprise – Caprise salad with tomatoes and mozzarella topped with fresh basil.

Hatenablock Tiramisu- A rich truffle-flavored tiramisu you don’t know which items will pop out of it!

Pit Stop Popcorn

“Enjoy an incandescent kart race and get energized in the pits! Everyone loves a delicious popcorn”

Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket-The tires glow!

Superstar Popcorn Bucket – With a light-up feature.

Yoshi Snack Island

Super Nintendo
Super Nintendo world’s Kou’s Calzone-              Image source:
“Easy-to-carry food specialty store. Stop by after you’re on an adventure aboard Yoshi!”

Kou’s Calzone– Calzone with the image of a Nokonoko! yakisoba (stir-fried noodles) with a Worcestershire-like sauce, and cheese. In the form of the classic “kickable shells” from the beloved Super Mario Nintendo games!

Yoshi’s Lassi!– Yoshi’s favorite fruit topped with fluffy cream. You can choose from melon or mango.

These items will be available when SUPER NINTENDO WORLD opens it’s gates on February 4th, 2021! Are you as excited as we are?