The Disney Wish is Officially Delayed- Here’s What Else We Can Expect About the Future of Disney Cruise Line During COVID-19

The Disney Cruise Line fleet has the most beautiful ships at sea and the Disney Wish, setting sail in early 2022, will be no exception. This rendering depicts the magnificent exterior of the fifth Disney ship that will elevate family cruise vacations to a whole new level. (Disney)

Christine McCarthy, senior executive vice president and chief financial officer of the Walt Disney Company, recently spoke with Jessica Reif Ehrlich from Bank of America Securities about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Disney Cruise Line.

McCarthy told Ehrlich that most likely, the last business to come back from COVID-19 for Disney will be the cruise business.  She went on to say;

“That has to do with just the nature of cruising, and when we do get back in, there will be social distancing, whatever is required at that time. But also the booking period for cruise tends to be longer, so that probably will be the one that will be the last business to resume for us.”

The topic of Disney’s three cruise ship orders also came up, when Ehrlich asked about the new cruise ship orders scheduled for delivery in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

McCarthy admitted COVID-19 had an impact on the businesses that are part of the supply chains for their shipyard. “Meyer Werft was impacted and we encountered a delay,” said McCarthy. The senior executive also stated;

“We’re in negotiations and discussions with the shipyard to finalize dates but as soon as we have those, we’ll make an announcement when the fifth ship (Disney Wish), which is the first of the three to be a delivered, but it is delayed from what we originally anticipated.”

The construction and delivery delay of the Disney Wish,  along with the other two ships on order, is not a new revelation, but it is one of the first official statements on the subject from Disney. In April, Meyer Werft spoke about the expected slowdown in cruise ship builds at its shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, as well as an extended summer shutdown.

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