The Revenge Of The Mummy At Universal Orlando Broke Down Yesterday and Caused Quite The Commotion

During our visit to Universal Orlando yesterday, The Revenge of the Mummy ride broke down and had to evacuate. 

Universal Orlando hit capacity early on yesterday at around 11am. Sometime in the morning, Revenge of the Mummy, one of Universal’s more popular rides broke down and had to evacuate the guests on board.
It is unclear how long the guests had to sit inside the ride. On Twitter, guests were stating anywhere from 20-30 minutes from the time the ride stopped to the completion of the evacuation.

Ride glitches and the smallest of imperfections can cause a ride to E stop. In some cases take a small pause. While every ride is different, the basic protocol is the same. If it’s a something that can’t be safely adjusted in a few moments, they must evacuate the ride. They can then take some time adjusting or fixing the problem. This is to ensure the safety of guests and Team Members alike.

It’s unfortunate when a ride breaks down. With the amount of technology being used in theme parks today, however, these moments are bound to happen.

The thing that stood out to me last night was the amount of backlash Universal received after giving the guests who regrettably got stuck on the ride an Express pass (this is how it was described) for another attraction, from a list of select attractions. Universal’s Twitter had a few very upset guests saying they should have had passes to every ride the rest of the day, because one ride isn’t enough. Universal  would always respond with contacting either the DMs in the Tweet or Guests Services to show them the type of pass they had and if they could help any further.

Today the ride is back up and running as normal!

What are your thoughts, Insiders? Would you be ok with a pass for another attraction in the event a ride has to evacuate and close?