The Star Wars x Enso Ring Collection Has Landed!

Source: Enso Rings

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…and queue the music! Now that we’re in the Star Wars spirit we would like to introduce all you Insiders to the Star Wars x Enso Ring Collection!

This awesome collection made for Star Wars fans features 6 collectible silicon rings ($44.99 each) with our favorite characters from the films. Let’s take a closer look at all the rings that are part of this exclusive collection:

The Mandalorian 

Source: Enso Rings

This is the way! Join the Guild by donning your Beskar inspired ring.


Source: Enso Rings

This ring is etched with our favorite adorable Grogu (aka The Child) and you can be sure that this will capture the attention of the galaxy!


Source: Enso Rings

This gorgeous blue ring features R2-D2 art that captures the spirit of the original Star Wars films. This little droid will be your constant companion in all your galactic journeys!


Source: Enso Rings

Another classic character! This gold colored rings is etched with a C-3PO graphic. This is definitely one you’ll want to have in your collection!

Darth Vader

Source: Enso Rings

Join the dark side with this epic black ring featuring the notorious Jedi turned Sith Lord!


Source: Enso Rings

Pledge your loyalty to the Empire with this beautiful silver-gray Stormtrooper ring!

Collector’s Box

Source: Enso Rings

Can’t decide and want them all? You can purchase the Collector’s Box that comes with all 6 exclusive rings for $200! This is one epic collection you don’t want to miss out on!

You can shop the full Enso x Star Wars ring collection here!

Which ring is your favorite from this amazing collection?!