This Disney Transportation Is Seeing Even More Glitches!

When the now very popular Disney Skyliner first opened back in 2019, cars collided due to a power failure which led to guests being stuck for 3 hours and an actual evacuation. It caused quite the stir on the internet. Then about 1 month ago, the Skyliner had a minor crash resulting in a temporary delay (again no one was injured).

Well, last night Instagram user @mfridz027 captured a video of the Skyliner (the Hollywood Studios Station) having another malfunction.

Image: @mfridz027
Image: @mfridz027

It is unclear whether the cars “crashed” into eachother, but the doors were most definitely having a problem closing. You can see from these photos (and the video on the story) that maintenance is utilizing a tool to re-set the doors and close them manually.

From what we have heard, this was a brief delay and no other videos (so far) have been documented.