Three Magical Ways You Can Support Laid Off Cast Members

I think I speak for everyone when I say, our hearts are broken for the thousands of Disney cast members being laid off. I’ve received lots of messages from our readers, asking how they can support laid off cast members. Below, are three ways to show your support.

Image: Cast Member Pantry
  1. Cast Member Pantry

Cast Member Pantry makes it quick and easy to receive free food essentials once a month per Cast Member. You’ll receive a reusable grocery bag filled with foods that are easily put together to make meals for 4, with breakfast and snack options as well. We take pride in putting food we all enjoy in our bags because we believe our Cast deserve the very best, and a little comfort too.

Just the other day, Josh Gad announced on his Twitter that he would be donating to Cast Member Pantry! If you’re interested in donating to Cast Member Pantry, you have a few options;

If you have additional questions, please reach out to them via their Facebook.

Image: Cast Member Toy Box

2. Cast Member Toy Box

Cast Member Toy Box is a toy drive created by furloughed/soon to be laid-off Disney Cast Members helping other furloughed and laid-off Disney Cast Members celebrate the holidays.

Their Facebook page says, “Our kids shouldn’t have to suffer and be disappointed during this already difficult and different holiday season because of circumstances out of their parents’ control. Let’s help spread holiday cheer and create some magic for a cast that has previously created so much magic for millions of families throughout the years. If you can find it in your heart to purchase a small gift you will be helping keep the magic alive during this holiday season for one sweet child.”

If you’re interested in donating to Cast Member Toy Box, you have three options:

Amazon Wishlist

Venmo– Send monetary donations via Venmo to their username, @Castmembertoybox

PayPal– You can also send monetary donations via PayPal, here-

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Cast Member Toy Box on their Facebook Page.

Image: Ear For Each Other

3. Ear For Each Other

Join the Ear For Each Other Facebook page. Their description reads as follows;

“Our mission is to support furloughed Cast during this time. This page is a place where furloughed Cast can share their side hustle or get ideas on how to keep the lights on during this difficult time. This will not last forever. This is a moment. Let’s help each other get through this moment. Share your thoughts, your experiences, your ideas and ways that you can help your furloughed friends. This group provides a platform for furloughed Cast to share their side hustles. If you are not a furloughed CM, we kindly request that you do not advertise in this group. Here, we can connect with each other with friends and family who are looking for these services or might be willing to hire a furloughed cast member.
Thank you for helping those in need!”
Ear For Each Other already has over 26,000 group members! Essentially, it’s one, great big community where we can support a small business or side hustle of a laid-off cast member.
Join the group HERE.