Top 5 Queues at Disneyland That Are Worth the Wait!

Image Source: Disney Parks Blog

Let’s face it, no one likes waiting in lines. Especially long lines. In the summer heat. However, having Disneyland shut down for the past 4 months (please oh please open back up soon!) has made me realize how much I should appreciate the entire experience of being at the Disney theme parks, long lines included! There are quite few rides at Disneyland that have some amazing queues and don’t get nearly enough credit for the attention to detail!

Here are the top 5 queues at Disneyland Park that you will want to check out when the park opens back up:

  1. Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Image Source: Disney Parks Blog

Indiana Jones is one of my favorite queues to stand in because I feel like I have been transported to the jungle where hidden mysteries lie, waiting to be discovered! As you wind through trails of bamboo and tall trees, you suddenly arrive at a cave. Here you will embark through the depths and shadows to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. You soon make your way past real props from the Indiana Jones movie such as the troop transport truck from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’ You will then pass by a mine car that Indiana and Short Round used in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.’ You will just make it past booby traps that will try to deter you from reaching the Temple. Toward the end of the queue you move past an archaeological dig site where Indiana’s office lies. There is a treasure trove of hidden Disney inferences containing actual props from the movies. Even if you have a Fastpass, you will still be able to enjoy all the experiences this queue has to offer!

Image Source: Disney Parks Blog

2. Haunted Mansion

Image Source: Disney Parks Blog

Welcome Foolish Mortals to the Haunted Mansion! The Haunted Mansion has the effect of giving you many chills of excitement as you walk through the old wrought-iron gate.  Guests are lured through the line as they take in the grand Victorian Mansion and its immaculate haunted grounds. The queue both inside and outside has such fun displays it’s impossible to die from boredom. The front lawn has many displays of pet tombstones and just past the pet cemetery, a mausoleum lines part of the wrap-around queue. There are so many fun names that they are sure to make you die with laughter!

The real fun begins when you make it into the foyer of house. You will cross through a pair of sliding doors into a chamber that has no windows and no doors. Is the haunted room actually stretching, or is it just your imagination? Once out of the chamber, you will be guided through the Portrait Gallery where haunted ever-changing portraits hang on the walls.  At the end of the hallway you will meet the ghostly statue head whose gaze will follow you no matter which way you turn! The queue ends here and your doom buggy will be waiting…hurry back, and don’t forget your death certificate!

3. Jungle Cruise

Image Source: Disney Parks Blog

As soon as you enter the queue to Jungle Cruise you are transported back to the 1930’s. This two-story rickey boat house is owned by the Jungle Navigation Company. You are accompanied through the queue by staticky American radio music and every so often a news bulletin interrupts with satirical stories, so you will want to listen closely! Throughout the queue you will pass an empty ticket booth and many artifacts from the 30’s. Luggage is piled high ready to be boarded onto the boats at the dock. Pinned insects are displayed through the boathouse along with some framed old-time maps, boat blueprints, and old fashioned photos of the jungle crew. Be sure to take the time to enjoy the Jungle Cruise queue before embarking on your great adventure through de-nile!

4. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Image Source: Disney Parks Blog

Join the resistance in the newest Star Wars ride in Disneyland! I remember my first time going through this queue and my jaw was dropped the whole time. The entire experience was totally worth the wait and it blew away my expectations. The attention to detail throughout the queue kicks your excitement to light speed and prepares you for battle against the First Order.

Your Star Wars adventure begins as soon as you walk through the Rise of the Resistance archway that leads down to the caves where the queue begins. The line twists through cave after cave, and along the way you are able to look at blasters, star maps, and Resistance fighter costumes. As you exit the caves, you are led outside to a Star Fighter where BB8 is waiting. On the opposite side is another bigger ship, and this is where the adventure begins.

As soon as the doors are shut you take off with the Resistance into space and you are eventually captured by the First Order. This attraction is no longer a ride at this point, but an experience. You ARE part of the Resistance and are fighting to escape the First Order and defeat Kylo Ren. You won’t be able to keep the smile off your face as you encounter Storm Troopers, AT-AT Walkers, droids, battleships, and Kylo Ren. The queue may be long for this attraction, but it is totally worth the wait!

5. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

Image Source: Disneyland

This Toontown attraction is one that I have loved since I was a little girl. This ride is so popular there is often a long line, BUT it is a fun experience! This queue is very interactive and both adults and kids will be super engaged at every turn. The wait is all indoors filled with interactive props and tons of black lights that cast a toxic glow on guests. If you listen closely, you can hear Jessica Rabbit, the weasel, and Baby Herman’s whisper scheming through doors! If you have any children that are scared of the dark and sensitive to loud noises you may want to grab a Fastpass and skip the ominous Toontown Alley Street. Be sure to take a minute if you do go through to read the license plates on the walls that pay homage to Disney (such a MERMD, 2N TOWN, and ZPD2DA).

In continuing down the alley, you will pass an illuminated window where you can catch a glimpse of Jessica Rabbit’s silhouette saunter by. Notices are pinned to billboards before the Ink and Paint Club where you will see that Dumbo seems to have lost his magic feather and is asking for anyone who finds it to return it to him. At the Ink and Paint Club, guests can knock on the door but Bongo, the angry bouncer, will not answer the door to “Walt sent me” like he does in the movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’

As guests continue down the back alley, you will also pass by Baby Herman’s window where he can be seen kicking back in a baby stroller while smoking a cigar. This last part of the queue leads guests to the weasels’ hideout where he mixes toxic chemicals in his chemical factory. If you make it through this explosive scene, you will make it to your final destination, Toontown Cab Company, where you will embark on a wild spin through the wacky streets of Toontown!

What is your favorite queue at Disneyland Park?