Trams Are Returning To Magic Kingdom This Month!

Source: D23

Drivers, you are all clear! Woot woot! Disney has officially announced that parking trams will be returning to Magic Kingdom later this month and will also return to other Walt Disney World parks throughout 2022! The trams have been sorely missed by all of us since they were shut down due to the pandemic March of last year. This will come as a huge relief to many park goers as we all know how much walking is involved at Walt Disney World. Disney Parks shared this exciting piece of news via Twitter and their other social media accounts just moments ago and naturally Disney fans all over can hardly contain their excitement.

Doesn’t the welcome back message in the video just give you chills of excitement?! This will most definitely spread some holiday cheer and it’s a nice little gift from Disney. The feeling of relief is similar to the one we all felt as the Monorail recently got back up and running at both Disney World and Disneyland. The lesson in all this is we never really knew how much we appreciated these different modes of transportation around the Disney Parks until they were gone. Granted a good walk is always nice, but Disney transportation (including the trams) are a part of the wonderful experience of going to the parks and it’s great to get off our feet for a bit.

We’ve come a LONG way since the COVID-19 closures last year and the trams getting up and running is just another step towards normalcy at the parks. Although so much has changed to keep Guests safe and healthy in these still somewhat uncertain times, so much progress has been made and it’s little things like this we can get excited about again. Disneyland also announced this past October that their trams would be up and running again in early 2022. So much excitement and we can’t wait to “hold on to hats, glasses, or any loose items that may fall from the tram.”

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