Universal Orlando June 1st Reopening- These Are the NEW Guidelines and Precautions

It’s almost time to let yourself woah! Universal Orlando Resort has submitted its plans to the Orange County task force, and they are requesting an opening date for June 1st! Here’s how the dates would follow, after June 1st:

  • June 1-2: Team Member soft opening
  • June 3-4: Invited Guests

Overall Goal for its Team Members: To provide their team members with clean, safe, and fun destinations while implementing responsible precautions, adjusting training processes to promote social distancing, and increasing app adoption to enable a seamless guest experience.

Overall Goal for its Guests: To provide our guests and team members with clean, safe, and fun destinations while implementing responsible precautions, adjusting processes to promote social distancing, and build confidence to encourage visitation.

FACE MASKS: Universal Orlando will require employees as well as visitors to wear masks at the theme parks. If a visitor doesn’t have a mask, Universal will provide a free one. Visitors will also have their temperatures checked.

Team Members: Universal Team Members will begin new training this weekend. They will learn the new protocols and ways to enforce social distancing, while also wearing a face mask.

Temperature Checks: Guest whose temperature read is 100.4 or greater, will be requested to see a doctor, and may not visit the theme park that day.

Transportation, Parking & Valet

  • Close valet operations
  • park guests vehicles 1-2 spaces apart in the garage
  • Temperature checks at parking main entrance

Security, City Walk, and Front Entry

  • Audio message on walkway reminding guests to follow new safety protocols
  • Eliminate brochure racks for maps
  • Encourage guests to use the mobile app
  • Distancing and spacing for queuing at turnstiles
  • Every other locker bank to be disabled

Attractions & Entertainment

  • Close interactive play areas
  • Hand out 3D glasses individually
  • Eliminate water/mist elements on attractions
  • Implement a virtual line at highly attended attractions
  • Space parties as appropriate
  • Eliminate single-rider lines
  • Eliminate post-show meet and greets
  • No parades to run

Dining & Merchandise

  • Face masks will be offered for sale
  • Menus will be converted to single-use
  • Individually packaged condiments
  • Pre-wrapped silverware
  • No buffet or self-serve at restaurants
  • Utilize mobile food ordering, to enable direct to the table
  • Contactless payments offered with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and the mobile wallet in Universal’s app

Volcano Bay

  • The CDC has stated that well-maintained pools using chlorine are known to inactivate the virus COIVD-19; ride vehicles, rafts, and life vests will be placed in water for additional cleaning as needed.
  • Number of tubes in lazy river and life vests in action river will be reduced
  • Reduce number of guests per rafts slide to party size only
  • No grouping of unfamiliar parties
  • Lounge chairs placed in clusters to support travel party seating and separation 6-feet apart

Team Members

  • Self-temperature checks at home, upon arrival to work
  • Readings of 100.4 or higher/flu-like symptoms showing, will be sent home
  • If TM has a temperature, they cannot return to work for at least 72 hours
  • Team members 65 or older are encouraged to stay home
  • All team members must wear face masks
  • Temperature check and health service professionals will wear gloves in addition to any position who wore gloves before COIVD-19
  • Desk spacing and continued work from home options
  • Staggered parking in parking garages
  • Encouragement to avoid crowds during time off without proper social distancing

Social Distancing in Lines

  • If a queue is 42 inches in width or less- Dot at the entrance, Line every 10 ft, Avoid having travel parties waiting next to each other in the switchbacks.
  • If a queue is 45 inches in width or more- Dot at the entrance, Line every 5 ft, Avoid having travel parties waiting next to each other in the switchbacks.
  • When there’s no physical queue- Dot first, Line every 0 ft.

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Kristi is the Media and PR Director for The Kingdom Insider. She's a lifelong Disney fan and grew up spending her family vacations at the Happiest Place on Earth. She resides in Florida with her husband and two boys, ages 4 and 6.