Universal Orlando throws major SHADE on Twitter at Jason Aldean for his Maskless in Disney World Photo

Yesterday we shared Country Singer, Jason Aldean’s, family photo in Walt Disney World. Normally these types of stores don’t make headlines, but there was one major red flag in Aldean’s photo…no one was wearing a face mask!

Aldean has since deleted the social media post, but you can see it here.

As per their usual witty, sarcastic, and fun-loving tone, Universal Orlando couldn’t help but shade Aldean by sharing the below post on their Twitter;

Sure, this tweet could be for anyone. But what gives it away that it was meant for Aldean and his family, is the second part of the tweet- “Now, that’s our kinda party.” This is in direct reference to Aldean’s hit song, “My Kinda Party.”

If you’re not already following Universal Orlando on Twitter, do yourself a favor and as soon as you’re doing reading this article, head over to their account! How they are on social media, is a direct reflection of their parks, epic with a “don’t take everything so seriously” vibe.