Walt Disney Transportation: THIS is how Buses Will Work at WDW

Multiple sources have confirmed the way Walt Disney World buses will be operating post-pandemic shutdown.

Each bus is divided into 5 or 6 “zones.” The policy is 1 group per zone. A group is 1 to 6 people. If your party is larger than 6, you will take another zone on the bus.

Here’s the thing, if you’re by yourself and take the bus, you count as one group. Therefore, one person could take up an entire zone. Technically, 5 single riders could take up an entire bus. If you’re a party of 8, the first six will sit in a zone and the other two will sit in a second zone. The second zone will remain full with two people. They will not add 4 more people to that zone, just to fill it.

At most, a full bus could run 30-36 people. Please be patient and remember to be kind to the drivers! But if we thought Disney buses were slow before…yikes! However, we have an answer as to how buses will run!

Kristi is the Media and PR Director for The Kingdom Insider. She's a lifelong Disney fan and grew up spending her family vacations at the Happiest Place on Earth. She resides in Florida with her husband and two boys, ages 4 and 6.