Why go back to Disney World? Is it still worth the price of admission?

“Why do you keep going back,” is the question that I am asked the most and in my eyes, the answer is not so cut and dry. Some will say they go for the rides, the food or the character interactions, but to me it is so much more. The atmosphere and the experiences Disney creates are what brings me back to Walt Disney World, time and time again. Stepping through the gate itself is an amazing experience. Something magical happens and you are instantly transported into another world full of excitement and imagination.  It evokes all kinds of emotions and allows each person to experience in their own unique way.

Is Disney worth the price?

With all the recent increases in pricing and the up charges, some are wondering if Disney is still worth it. I think that is a valid question. Even as an enthusiastic Disney fan, it does take a toll on my wallet. To me, the value of the experiences and lasting memories still outweigh the price of admission. Do I wish the prices were cheaper? Yes I do! But can you blame them from increasing their prices? No I cannot. It is a for profit business who has shareholders to please, and I wouldn’t expect them to do any less. As ticket prices continue to rise, we continue to visit the parks. This response goes to show you that it is more than just the material parts of Disney and it is the whole atmosphere that attracts us.

There is nothing left to do!

Disney has continued to deliver us new experiences and enhance the old ones. In all the times I have been to the parks, my experiences have continuously changed. We may ride the same rides, eat the same foods and watch the same parades, but there is some new to experience each time. “Haven’t  you done everything?” Is typically the next question. There are so many new things to discover around each corner and I learn and see something new each time I go. I still have plenty of rides, restaurants and experiences I have yet to discover. In our most recent trip, we took our daughter for her first trip. This was a new experience for my wife and me. Seeing Walt Disney World through our daughter’s eyes for the first time is priceless. Every time she saw a character, her eyes lit up in excitement. Although she may not remember these interactions, we will have the pictures and the memories that we can’t wait to share with her when she gets older. These precious moments are some of my most cherished memories, so far, and are absolutely worth the price of admission.

As a kid, I had visited Disney multiple times and it sparked a passion for all things Disney. In 2010, I proposed to my wife in front of Cinderella's Castle an since then it has been a large part of our life. Now as a father and experiencing Disney with my wife through our daughters eyes, our love for Disney has grown tenfold and I can't wait to share my passion and experiences with you.