Will Disneyland Be Selling Their Famous Hand-Pulled Candy Canes This Holiday Season?

Source: Disney Parks Blog

Every year Guests who visit Disneyland during the holiday season flock to get the specialty candy canes. Normally they start making an appearance in November in windows of the Candy Palace and Trolley Treats. This year there still has been no word from Disney if they will be selling the hand-pulled candy canes and Guests are desperate for Disney to make an announcement as they usually only sell them at certain locations on specific days.

Disneyland recently came out with their Holiday Foodie Guide for the 2021 season, however the candy canes are noticeably missing from the list. We are unsure if Disneyland is just going to start quietly start selling them without an official announcement or if they will announce the dates the candy canes will be available at, at both Disneyland and Dinsey’s California Adventure. If you’ve never had the chance to try one of the magical hand-pulled candy canes and are wondering what all the fuss is about, here is why they are so special (per the Disney Parks Blog):

The talented Disneyland Resort Candy Makers always look forward getting out their gloves out and making these delicious peppermint sweets. From start to finish, they work to create these colorful candy canes from scratch – from mixing the ingredients and hand-pulling the candy to rolling, twisting and wrapping up the final products.

This tradition dates back to 1968… Each year, guests flock to the Disneyland Resort to get in on the hand-crafted sweetness. These candy canes measure a whopping 18 inches long.

Pouring the Candy Canes at Disneyland Resort
Source: Disney Parks Blog
Placing Candy Canes at Disneyland Resort
Source: Disney Parks Blog

18″?! Hot dog! I personally have not yet had the chance to try one of these amazing creations, but Guests swear that these do not compare to store bought candy canes and that the flavor of these are so fresh and have amazing flavor. You can watch the candy makers go over their process of how they make these magical candy canes below (it’s such a fascinating process!):

We hope Disneyland will make an announcement soon on whether or not they will be bringing back these giant and festive hand-pulled candy canes this holiday season!