INSIDER TIPS: Character Experiences Galore At Universal Orlando!

Thing 1 and thing 2 Universal Orlando Resort Character sightings 2021

Universal is FULL of Character sightings across both theme parks! During the past couple of weeks we saw some great opportunities for photos with some of your favorite Universal and IP characters.

Here are just a few you may get to see on your next visit to Universal Orlando!

Right in the heart of central park at Universal Studios you may see some favorite characters from the Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls Franchise!

Universal Orlando Resort Character sightings 2021

At the edge of Central Park, Scooby’s fearless gang hangs out in the small courtyard, I feel like in this picture we had been talking about “catapulting.” Such a silly bunch!

scooby doo

While the indoor meet- and-greet is no longer open, there is still an opportunity to see some SpongeBob characters in front of their store! We had seen Sponge himself saying hello to his guests, as well as Patrick and Squidward, pictured here!

Universal Orlando Resort Character sightings 2021

Right by her store at the front of Universal Studios, Hello Kitty waves and blows kisses too her fans! Isn’t she adorable?

hello kitty

Just next door, across from the Bourne Stuntacular, is Dora, Diego and Boots! See, even they practice physical distancing!

dora the explorer diego boots

While the Simpsons we have usually seen them on their bus on Hollywood Blvd, here is Sideshow Bob next too the Simpson’s attraction! Sometimes we see Homer near his attraction as well!

sideshow bob

Across the way at Islands of Adventure, you can see some of the Madagascar characters out in the lost continent. We have seen a few different Madagascar characters in this very spot!

Universal Orlando Resort Madagascar Character sightings 2021

In Toon Lagoon is a great place to see Betty Boop! Always stylish, even in a Pandemic!

Universal Orlando Resort Betty Boop Character sightings 2021

Thing 1 & 2 get their very own stage next to the book store! How fun they are to say hi too? This is also where you can hear some fun stories as well!

Thing 1 and thing 2 Universal Orlando Resort Character sightings 2021

All of these character sightings and experiences are randomized to avoid crowding in any one particular area, but when we say they are everywhere, we mean it! Unless it is raining or they have another weather related setback, they are out and about all day. There to wave, say hi and take photos with you!

What do you say Insiders? Are you ready to return back to the parks and see some of your favorite characters and ride your favorite rides?

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