Disney to Change Auction Scene in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Attraction

The classic line “We wants the redhead!” may not be heard on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean for much longer.

Disney has unveiled plans to overhaul one of the most iconic scenes in the ride in what appears to be an attempt at being more politically correct.

The “Take a Wench for a Bride” auction scene will no longer feature women being sold off by pirates, but rather feature the women (and some new male animatronics) being forced to sell off their valuables with the redhead overseeing them at gunpoint. See the Disney concept art below.

While selling women off at auction certainly wouldn’t fly on a 2017 attraction, the auction scene has been a part of the attraction since its opening day in 1967.

If there has been Guest outrage over the scene, you wouldn’t know it from the comments on the Disney Parks Blog. The comments are overwhelmingly against the change, and it’s unclear if Disney will take any of that feedback into account.

Here are some of those comments…

  • What a terrible idea. That scene is THE iconic scene of the entire attraction. And you’re going to change it because? I grew up going to WDW and now take my family there. Never once have any of us thought that selling brides was a good thing. Never once did we think that Disney was encouraging that type of behavior. What a terrible TERRIBLE idea.

  • Does it matter at all that the overwhelming majority here (and even worse on other sites where you can’t manage the comments) don’t want this to happen? It’s a truly awful idea.

    Two questions;

    1. Shouldn’t the customers be excited about the additions/changes you make?

    2. Does what the customers actually want matter?

  • A sad day for any Disneyland fan!

  • I’m torn in this. But no one here seems to mention the fact that the red head does go on to be a Pirate captain herself, as depicted in the beginning of the ride. The story goes in reverse chronological order. So seeing her as a pirate finally after all these years should be fun.

  • Sounds like an alright addition, but you might wanna remove Jack Sparrow.

    Don’t want him hitting the red-head afterall. ;D

  • Wow, these changes are dumb. What are you hoping to accomplish by making the ride further politically correct? I think MOST people object to the changes.

  • I’m excited for this! Something new! Sounds like The Redhead will now be a cool character!

    And to those going on about historic accuracy, the ride has a skeleton driving a ship. It’s fantasy, just enjoy it.

  • No No No No No No No No… this is one of the most classic scenes of any ride! It’s one of Walt’s original designs with Marc Davis, why are you destroying something that is so iconic? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, especially if the ride was historically accurate…

  • Sorry, but no…no…no…no. The Pirates chasing the women in the one scene was already changed, and now this? It is a ride, it is fun, and a trip to WDW is an escape from the reality we live in today. Really, we will change a fictional story line in a ride, which is such a piece of the original? I have to say I am extremely disappointed, and I think this is really the first time this company has actually done that. For me it’s about the history of the ride, the work Walt put it into the original and work he had put into the original. That being said, I do understand things have to change, even Walt knew that….but I never thought a change like this would happen for an unnecessary reason. As an intelligent woman, I can realize history, I can see the difference between a ride and reality, and I can certainly ride a ride without being offended. This is a sad day for me.

  • Please don’t get rid of the auction, there is no need to make this politically correct, they are pirates after all. I don’t mind the other changes though.

  • I’m so happy y’all are doing this. THANK YOU! If there are more ways for me to share my thanks and positive feedback, please let me know to where I can direct my comments!

  • Really sad to hear about these changes. Don’t understand the need for this.

  • This is horrible. If you want to make the ride politically correct, you’ll eventually need to shut it down completely. Please stop.

  • “This is a great idea.” Said no one ever….nothing like ruining not only the ride, but also the classic lines spoken by the original folks that recoded it over 40 years ago. What a shame.

  • Don’t do this please the pirates at Disneyland is a classics and plus the pirates at Disneyland is the one Walt Disney made and its one of the last attraction at Disneyland that Walt made so please don’t do this your messing with ride thats been around for 50 years and the red head scene has been there since the start so pleas don’t mess with this great old historical ride .

  • Really looking forward to these updates!

  • I’d be sad to see the scene removed altogether but this sounds like a great change with a cool energy to it. As long as it doesn’t have even more namedropping of Captain Jack Sparrow I’m satisfied

  • You’re kidding me, right? The “We Wants the Redhead” scene was one of the few things untouched from the original ride! It’s such a classic scene and features the legendary voice work of Paul “Boris Badenov” Frees as the Auctioneer. Please don’t fix what’s not broken!

  • Here we go again wrecking what Walt made! Going PC again we see huh? Caved to who this time? This is getting ridiculous! What’s next, no more Abominable Snowman because he’s white? I’m surprised that on the banks of Rivers of America, you didn’t replace the Indian village with an Indian casino to bring it “up to date”. Just stop with all the unnecessary changes already.

  • As a traditionalist Disney fan, I am appalled. You can replace Aurora’s Float for a Frozen Float for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Paint The Night Parade. You can make the women in pirates chase the pirates instead because of PC. (Pirates are PC?) But to replace the ONLY scene Walt Disney himself saw, and supervised, this is a huge deal for all of us. And I know I am not alone.

  • VERY disappointing 🙁
    So how are you going to explain to little one’s all of the violence, plundering, pillaging, etc throughout the entire ride. Walt made it this way, PLEASE leave it be!

  • Please don’t do this. These are completely unnecessary changes. You might as well change the name of the whole attraction while you’re at it. I would suggest “Non-Offensive Gentlemen of an Equatorial Seafaring Tradition”.

  • Noooo!!!! This is terrible news!!! I cannot express how disappointed I am in the decision to change the most iconic scene in one the most loved rides in Disney World and Disneyland! Please, Disney, don’t do this!

  • I am very much opposed to this change… leave the wench auction and “we wants the Redhead” intact, just the way Walt approved it. Way too much political correctness!!
    Adding additional figures is always nice, but not at the expense of the show.

  • Regarding Captain Barbossa being in the show “for the first time,” I had assumed that was him on the deck of the ship during the revised “cannon battle” scene. It sure sounded like Geoffrey Rush’s voice in that character to me.

  • Yeah. If you could leave the auction scene alone like it has been for 50 years…that’d be great. Thanks.

  • Good ideas: Yes, a slave auction really isn’t a very funny sight gag in 2017, so it’ll be good to be rid of that, along with the “fat” jokes that were also part of this scene.

    Bad ideas: Tinkering with the “skeletons” sequence of the ride. Seriously, you’ve infused the POTC movies into the ride enough already. Stop.

    Also: Having the pirates auctioning off items to their fellow pirates is historically improbable. It was common practice for crewmen to get shares of the loot based upon their rank.

  • Adding to that, changing that scene is like a school changing their school curriculum by not mentioning the reasons why a Civil War happened. Besides, Captain Jack is a womanizer himself.

  • Why are you doing this? I think fans are going to be more offended at the changes that the scene as it was. You guys can do better than that.

  • It’s nice to see Disneyland Paris getting some love! Can’t wait to see the changes!

  • Not ok with this change! Its like Disney is saying that it’s ok rewrite history!! This is Walt’s ride no need to change such a silly iconic scene!! I’m all for moving forward with woman’s rights but this is a tad bit ridiculous! Let’s not be so sensitive about everything!!

  • Dear Disney, Please don’t…

  • This is a terrible change for Disneyland. Pirates of the Caribbean should be left as is. I haven’t seen any protests regarding this scene, so why stir the pot by making a change that is unnecessary?

  • How sad. It’s bad enough that the woman-chasing pirates were PC’d, but now the redhead? The auction scene is the best. “We want the redhead!”

  • Definetly not a fan.

  • I didn’t realize Pirates were feminists. Is this really necessary? This is further degrading the story elements of the attraction. Pirates aren’t supposed to be nice guys.

  • …In Jason Surrell’s book “Pirates of the Caribbean: From the Magic Kingdom to the movies” it is mentioned that Walt Disney himself was a little doubtful of the action scene, worried if would be ok. That is why they softened it up with the sign “Take a Wench for a bride” to imply that it was something more respectable.
    Change is tough. This will probably take some getting used to, but I don’t necessarily think that it is a bad thing.

  • I’ve been waiting for the Redhead and her compatriots to stage a coup for a long time now. Bravo.

  • Don’t like the change, but figured it would be coming. Glad I got my pin and shirt before it did.

  • Everybody better get their “We wants the redhead!” shirts while they still can.

  • How is the scene going to make any sense? Who auctions off loot in the middle of looting a village?

    Paris? Ok. Even WDW- I don’t like it, but ok. But Please don’t touch Walt’s baby in Disneyland. Please, please, please don’t change the scene.

    Pirates are bad people. They were auctioning off a woman. Little Johnny and Janey will understand that pirates are bad.

  • This is really disappointing and makes me mad. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The redhead scene has been there for 50+ years! Can’t believe it

  • I think that the new change, adding the Redhead as a pirate, is interesting but I’m not too fond of changing a classic scene. Putting aside the whiff of change for the mere sake of political correctness, some aspects of Disney attractions are iconic and I’m not entirely sure that the interesting new take is worth tossing out something that has been a feature for decades.

  • One word: why? This ride is Walt’s baby. You can still respect women and respect a ride that Walt worked so hard on at the same time. Just leave it as it is. That scene is iconic to Disneyland.

  • Great news!

  • Seems pretty cool. I’m always open to new experiences, and I feel it’s a good thing for older attractions to get a breath of fresh air once in a while.

In addition to the auction scene being changed on all versions of the attraction, Disneyand Paris will have an animatronic of Captain Barbossa from the Pirates movies added to its version.

Characters from the movie have been been a mainstay of the U.S. version of the ride for several years, with Jack Sparrow taking the place of a woman in a barrel amongst other things.

The changes will be unveiled on July 24 in Disneyland Paris, and sometime in 2018 in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

[Source: Disney Parks Blog]