Disney Date: Shula’s Steakhouse Review

Image: Katie Wallace TKI Media

Last night my husband and I decided to have an early “Valentine’s Date Night.”

We wanted to go someplace that we had never gone before and our top choice, was Shula’s steak House.
Image: Katie Wallace TKI Media

We are always on the hunt for excellent steak and so far on Disney property, STK has always been our restaurant of choice. We knew that Shula’s steakhouse had a great reputation and wanted to taste for ourselves!

We made reservations for 8:30 PM and sat at our reservation time.

We liked the lamps on the table illuminating the menu barcode and cleanliness note.

Image: Katie Wallace TKI Media
The ambience was pleasantly quiet.

Ever since reopening, most restaurants have redesigned their dining rooms catering to physical distancing. Shula’s is no different, it felt like an intimate dining experience rather than a busy restaurant. The dining room itself had dark wood detail on the walls and Don Shula’s football roots were well represented throughout and created a pleasant atmosphere.

Once we started taking a gander at the menu, it was clear we had made a great choice.

The menu was filled with plenty of options for different tastes including lobster Tail for seafood lovers and steak…a wonderful assortment of steak.

The wine list was the star of the show. With so many bottles to choose from I opted to just get one glass of wine, by the glass was a shorter list. My wine of choice was a Malbec, “Angulo Innocenti”. I spent a period of time in Argentina so Malbec became a favorite for me. My husband got a Dark Cherry Smoked Manhattan, though I am not a fan of smoked food or beverages, it was definitely an interesting find…my husband did enjoy it.

The sides we chose were the sautéed mushrooms and mashed potatoes. For dinner I chose the 10 ounce filet and my husband ordered the 22 ounce Cowboy Ribeye. Once our orders were in, the bread came…it was spectacular. Soft and fluffy, not to hot, not cold. Definitely fresh made. I am big on bread quality in restaurants, it is usually the most overlooked part of the meal.

Image: Katie Wallace TKI Media

It is a pricey meal. You get what you pay for here and it was excellent. The sides were very tasty but not overwhelming sized servings. The steak was exactly how we wanted them, medium and medium rare for my husband.

Image: Katie Wallace TKI Media
Image: Katie Wallace TKI Media
Image: Katie Wallace TKI Media

The meal itself didn’t take very long at all to prepare, but long enough that we weren’t rushing between courses and could enjoy some conversation.

Overall experience

Shula’s steak House was a positive one with a great ambience and wonderful service. We had high expectations for the food and they met them. If you would like a dinner out while you’re on vacation or to take out a client on a business trip, this is the perfect spot for steak and wine lovers.

Have you ever been to Shula’s steak House? What was your experience like? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.