35 To Epcot 35: Day 8 – Club Cool


Epcot Center 35th Anniversary on October 1, 2017

Club Cool

When you’re hot or just in need of a cold drink, you can venture over to Future World and visit Club Cool.  Located near Innoventions West, this attraction offers self-serve Coca-Cola products and merchandise from the United States and abroad. Guests can consume complimentary samples of popular fountain-style drinks from other countries including Costa Rica, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and even Mozambique.  Note: If you’re looking for lunch or dinner to accompany your drinks, you will need to look elsewhere as Club Cool does not serve food.

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Fountain Drink Examples:

Each dispenser can serve 8 different types of drinks at a time.

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These are the flavors currently being offered:

Guarana Kuat – Brazil: Guarana berries

Inca Kola – Peru: Similar to bubblegum, this is the only caffeinated beverage served.

Bibo – South Africa : Fruit flavored, Club Cool has offered both Kiwi mango or Candy Pine-nut

Sparletta – Zimbabwe: Raspberry cream soda

VegitaBeta – Japan: Non-carbonated and tastes like apricot and passion fruit

Fanta Melon Frosty – Thailand: melon flavored

Beverly – Italy: A bitter, non-alcoholic aperitif. It is a popular tradition in Italy to drink an aperitif before dinner to boost appetite.  

Fanta Pineapple – Greece: Pineapple flavored

Some of the drinks previously offered, at Club Cool, include:

Mezzo Mix – Germany: Has an orange flavor

Krest Ginger Ale – Mozambique: Made from bitter oranges

Fanta Kolita – Costa Rica: Sweet Fanta with a distinct red color

Kinley Lemon – Israel: Bubbly, lemon flavor

Lift Apple – Mexico:

Smart Watermelon – China: Some people think this tastes more like mixed-fruits rather than watermelon

Lychee Mello – Thailand

Diet Tai Guaraná – Brazil

Did You Know?

Club Cool was originally called Ice Station Cool and is fashioned after the World of Coca-Cola located in Atlanta, Georgia and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ice Station Cool opened in June of 1998 and featured a polar exploration theme.  There was a Snow Cat, a tunnel with real snow, and “cave men” frozen in ice.  The original attraction closed in June 2005, but reopened as Club Cool by November of the same year.

The Plaque below reads:

“This early human ancestor frozen in his hunt for refreshment was discovered in the sub-arctic. The Coca-Cola coolologists named him “Thirst Man” for obvious reasons. The object found frozen just beyond his grasp leads us to ask: What came first: Man or refreshment?”

Coke sponsored themed locations seem to use the term “Cool” in their title.  “Club Cool” in Future World,  “Cool Station” in Future World near Test Track, and the “Coolpost” at the Outpost in The World Showcase.


Do you stop at Club Cool when you visit Epcot?  What’s your favorite beverage?  Do you notice the floors are sticky?  Do you like Club Cool or Ice Station Cool better?  Comment and let us know what you think!

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