Florida Offers To Host The 2021 Olympics: Using Disney As A Talking Point

Image Source: Olympics
Image Source: Olympics

Florida’s Chief Financial, Officer Jimmy Patronis, issued a letter to the Olympic Committee asking for the state to be considered to host the 2021 Olympics. Using Disney as inspiration.

Leaders in Japan have already privately concluded they are too concerned with the pandemic to host such an event. The CFO jumped at the chance to encourage a relocation of the Olympics to one of the top tourism destinations in the world, Florida.

The letter mentions Disney World’s success with the NBA “bubble” and day to day operation of Parks in Orlando being successful as well. 

The Disney Company has taken every possible measure to ensure safety is priority in the case of Sports, Events and Daily Attendance. And to add, it was Disney that did most of the leg work…maybe a partnership is in order?

On a more personal note: I don’t know about an entire Olympic event. It would do well for us as a State financially, although one could argue that a lot of Olympic host cities had sever financial strain for years after the events took place. There are a lot of factors to consider. Again, this is just a personal thought and not that of the Kingdom Insider or their affiliates.

Read the letter/pitch from our source: HERE 

What do you think about hosting the Olympics in Florida? And do you think the next step is a conversation with Disney on partnering efforts in some way?