New Wands Spotted At Universal Studios Florida! Peter Pettigrew And Gregorovitch Wands Arrive!

We love visiting Ollivander’s Wand Shop!

Walking into the shop and choosing a wand by picking it up, giving it a flick and making magical things happen. This is a one of a kind MUST DO for Harry Potter fans! 

Since the reopening last year, I went to the shop. With the reservations and physical distancing in place, it truly felt like a private visit! 

After this experience, you can choose a replica wand from the collection of Harry Potter character wands or keep the one that chose you! A couple of NEW wands have arrived at Ollivanders!

Peter Pettigrew and Gregorovitch arrived sometime in December!

Harry Potter-Image
Gregorovitch Wand Image
Harry Potter-Image
Peter pettigrew Wand, Image Source:

Fans should recognize the pettigrew wand as his second one in the films. With it’s snakey infinity symbol at the base, look how cool it is! And the Gregorovitch wand has some neat details on it as well!

You can get these wands for $55 (interactive) at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida!