Marvel Mania: Black Widow

Marvel Mania continues with Black Widow and it is time to find your power with all new epic merchandise just for you! Marvel Mania is here on Shop Disney and today is the next release of all new items including clothing, accessories and collectables. Black Widow is teaming up with the Avengers to help take on the present-day and so can you with this all new pieced construction jacket. The distinctive faux leather will be sure to get everyone’s attention. With that in mind, this high-collared jacket makes a powerful fashion statement.

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Black Widow is ready to team up for her next mission. Are you ready to be recruited to the team in style with this master spy fancy affair dress with her Black Widow distinctive hourglass emblem.


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This heroic top has the classic Black Widow’s web pictured in style which includes her logo from the film at the center around Natasha Romanoff’s Super Hero alias. Of course we cannot forget to appreciate the comics that brought us all together and the distressed look give us the perfect vintage classic style we all love and know for this new movie.

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When it comes to showcasing Black Widows style and reflecting her two different sides of Black Widow (aka Natasha Romanoff), this reversible jacket has two very different sides just like she does. Each inspired by Marvel’s new movie Black Widow, one side of this satin jacket features a red and black design with the Avenger on the back, while the white side has her name emblazoned on it.

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Marvel Comics are so much more than just the stories of these Avengers are iconic and so is this set of collectible pins. The boxed set contains four pins from dynamic characters that made a statement throughout the film you will not want to miss out on this collection. Of course if you are not a pin collector check out the Black Widow image mug! This mug will be one of a kind, it will be unique to only you because you can personalize it to perfectly create the features of the mug to your liking. 

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Bringing Marvel style into your home is now a staple for any fan to have little accents throughout the decor. Accenting your home with the touch of a throw pillow is perfect for a Marvel movie night!  Additionally you can customize your Black Widow throw pillow and make it one of a kind just for your home!

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In addition to Marvel style for your home the last item I found that I think is a perfect piece to have for any Black Widow fan is this necklace. Wearing this Black Widow necklace will create the perfect covert chic way to show off your perfect spy style. This necklace is designed by CRISLU in sterling silver and plated with black rhodium with the Black Widow iconic hourglass symbol and encrusted with red cubic zirconia crystals.

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