NEWS: MARVEL Will Film In Australia For The Foreseeable Future

Photo courtesy of Disney

One of the smartest things Disney has done in the last decade, is embracing the Marvel brand.

Even with COVID-19 standing in the way of multiple production timelines, they managed to bring us all amazing content. (Yes, I am talking about WandaVision.)

Production on these projects and future ones, however, are continuously affected. In response to COVID-19, studios heavily used by the popular franchises have ceased operation. As a solution, Marvel Films have been slated to film in Sydney, Australia.

After several reports, it’s confirmed that the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, and the sequel to Doctor Strange will all be filmed in Australia. They needed a new home and Australia’s Moore Park’s Fox Studios was the perfect fit.

Thor: Love and Thunder is already filming there as of January 26th.

Marvel head, Kevin Feige, is hoping to make a move permanently…or at least “the next 5 years.”

A source working for the studio stated-“There is nowhere in the world where films can be shot in the way they can be here in Australia.

We believe it, there’s been some incredible films produced out there. This move for Marvel Films may give Sydney bragging rights as “The New Hollywood.”

Are you excited for the next wave of Marvel content heading our way?