People Mover Extended Their Refurbishment AGAIN!… Or Did They?

Image Source: Disney

Everyone has held their breaths to see if “Tomorrowland Transit Authority,” or “The People Mover,” would REALLY open April 4th

The answer is…NOPE! MAY 1st is the new magic date. At least, according to the refurbishment calendar.

After countless extensions to the ride’s “scheduled maintenance,” it’s hard to see just when or if this ride will reopen. Although I don’t see them getting ride of the People Mover, perhaps there’s a bit more happening than meets the eye. We know Disney loves new toys and tech, maybe there’s new technology that they are implementing. Also, there’s a part of me that hopes this is just Disney’s way of avoiding crowding around the People Mover on it’s “reopening.” It would make sense considering the cult following rides like this have. Perhaps they are taking a move from Universal’s playbook with a bit of trickery…

Side note: I will forever share this meme, A perfect representation to how all of us feel currently.

people mover meme
Image: @BrookeGMcdonald on Twitter

In any case, we are all getting a bit nervous with the news that they have yet again extended that finishing date.

What do you think, Insiders? What date do you think the People Mover will really open?