NEWS: Universal Orlando Resort Hints At Halloween Horror Nights Announcements!

It’s around that time of year again, when Universal Orlando starts teasing us about one of their most anticipated events each year…Halloween Horror Nights.

Though no official word on what the event will look like this year, it’s a pretty good guess they will figure something out. After all…they surprised us all with not 1, not 2 but 3 houses last year. Though the pandemic stopped them from having a full on separate ticketed event, they pulled through and we were all VERY happy to see it all play out the way it did.

So it’s 2021, a new year, new possibilities…and the Halloween Horror Nights Instagram saw some activity on it’s page last night.

Image: Universal Orlando Instagram

Now, this may just be Universal teasing everyone with zero context, or maybe it has something to do with theming, either way…we are so excited to see what is in store.

This event is such a huge draw for Universal Orlando and we know they will do everything they can to make something happen, even if it looks more like it did last year.

All we can do is speculate, which is what we do every year…that’s half the fun right?

What do you think, Insiders? Have any ideas on what could go down this year for HHN? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!