We Visited The Universal Studios Store At Citywalk!

Universal studios store (image: Katie W.)

We visited the new Universal Studios Store at Citywalk recently and we wanted to share some images from that visit!The new store has 3 convenient entrances, one to the left, where you can find all of the Harry Potter merchandise (of which there’s a ton), the center where you can find featured merchandise -currently their 90s inspired fashion and Black and Gold Universal wear. And on he right you can hop in and grab some Jurassic park and velocicoaster merchandise along with a whole wall of t- shirts! Let’s go inside!

I just picked up my 90s logo leather jacket…that thing is SO comfortable!

If you like the Black and Gold collection, this is the place to find all of it.

Velocicoaster or Jurassic park merchandise anyone? They have a whole side of the store with it!

They also have a fair amount of plush, although, I think they could have gone bigger with it.

There’s very little Dr. Seuss, but they do have a load of Simpsons in the store!

The cash register has a screen above it, rotating between fun imagery and park icons!

They have an entire T-Shirt wall here, there’s some shirts I have never seen before, so that was awesome!

At one whole side of the store is Harry Potter World 2.0! They have ALL THE THINGS! Like these adorable backpacks below and a whole dinnerware collection. Bless my empty wallet!

If you love Dumbledore quotes as much as we do, they have a whole rack full of quote merch including pillows and coasters and even journals!

If you want a trinket tray, they have those in your house colors!

Also we should talk about these collectibles all over the wall!

They have a Tom Riddle diary!!!!

And a ton of cute themed journals as well!

I don’t think I have ever seen the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit…has that always been a thing?

Also, if you are needing some house pride…they have all you need including Quidditch appropriate apparel.

The ceiling had floating candles above in the form of classy lighting…thank you for this Universal!

And toward the back of the shop they have a spinning wand display to see and examine all the wands! Wow, I loved that.

Here’s all that dinnerware I was talking about…


Also, this deal is happening right now, purchase a Universal Merchandise Shopping card and get a FREE WAND, with a $250.00 minimum purchase, but that is probably pretty easy to do after seeing all of this merchandise!

All in all I think I love this new look for their Universal Store. I also want to point out that you can see art like this below ALL over the store, representing different rides and set pieces. So very cool!

What do you think Insiders? Will you be heading to the new Universal Studios Store anytime soon?