Homeless Man Finds Original Bambi Animation Cel

Adam Gillian, a homeless man living in Edmonton, CA, found a rare piece of Disney history in a trash can.

He took his discovery to Alexander Archibald, owner of the Curiosity Inc. store nearby, to sell it. Mr. Archibald believed it was a animation cel replica that he could clean it up and sell if for under $100.  He then paid Mr. Gillian $20 for it.

When he took the piece out of the frame he discovered an old certificate of authenticity with a date of 1937. Instead of being a replica, the piece was a certified animation cel from the 1941 film Bambi.

Archibald did some research and listed it on eBay, where it sold for $3,700. But that’s not where the story ends. After selling the item he decided to track down Gillian to make sure and give him half of the money.  In the video below he chronicles the two weeks he spent searching for the homeless man to make sure he got his half of the money.

According to KLUV Radio Archibald didn’t stop there:

Archibald went further, however, and set up a GoFundMe to secure Gillian a hotel room to avoid the harsh winter nights.  He helped him get a temporary identification card so he can take a train back home to his family in Ontario, and even helped him with leads to find a job as soon as he makes it back home.  Archibald said, “He’s a very kind, humble person so I’m sure he’ll have no trouble finding work.  I’m rooting for him.”

Always keep your eyes peeled. You never know where you might find a Disney treasure. Disney magic can happen to anyone at anytime and you don’t have to be in a Disney Park to experience it.

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