RUMOR – New PAID FastPass+ System Coming to Walt Disney World by 2021?

With changes coming to how Hollywood Studios’ attractions are “tiered” for FastPass selection, there’s a rumor that even bigger changes are coming to the entire Disney FastPass+ system in the near future.

And according to rumors, those changes will likely involve an upcharge for more popular attractions.

The rumors seems to have originated on the WDW Magic forums, where Disney insiders and undercover Imagineers tend to congregate anonymously. The insiders on the WDW Magic forums have a pretty good track record, so this rumor is certainly worth mentioning.

According to the Orlando Weekly, which compiled the forum rumors into one article, Disney may be looking at a paid FastPass system similar to what is currently being used in Disneyland Paris.

Rumors point to Disney World readying for one of the largest shifts in the FastPass+ program since its debut in 2013. The updated system would be like that of Disneyland Paris, with paid options that don’t require any pre-visit planning. There are already similar offerings available as part of the Enchanting Extras Collection, including the Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour, the Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour, and the Star Wars Guided Tour. These tours range in price from $92.95 to $349 and all include group tour guides.

According to multiple insiders, including publicly by Martin on the WDWMagic forums, the free FastPass+ program used today will still be available after the paid version is introduced, though some rides may see their number of free FastPasses decreased to provide availability for the upcharge options. Disney seems to be hoping that guests will use a mix of both paid FastPasses, likely for more popular attractions, and the three free ones that come with regular admission, though these may have to be used on shows and other large-capacity attractions thanks to availability. Both single park and park hopper options for the paid versions will be eventually available at WDW, with individual park options expected to debut first.

So could it be that getting an extra FastPass or two for a high demand attraction like Flight of Passage or Smuggler’s Run could be as easy as busting out your credit card?

Given the recent price hikes and upcharges announced this week at Walt Disney World, it wouldn’t be surprising. However, nothing has been officially announced by Disney. But like I said before, the insiders at the WDW Magic forums are right more often than not.

Should it be proven to be legit, the rumored WDW paid FastPass program is expected to debut ahead of the 50th Anniversary celebration that begins in 2021.

[Source: Orlando Weekly]