Getting Trapped on a Broken Monorail in Walt Disney World

What happens when a monorail breaks down in Walt Disney World?

Well, we were actually on the monorail that broke down last week and filmed a video that tells about our experience.

Monorail Blue broke down on June 16, 2017 while making its way from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot. Eyewitness accounts state that a piece fell off of the train, and a photo quickly made the rounds on social media to verify this. Passengers (myself included) reported seeing sparks and smoke, and were stuck inside the monorail for about 45 minutes until Disney could tow the faulty train back to the station.

Contrary to many reports, service from Magic Kingdom to Epcot did not immediately resume. However, we did spot the blue monorail in service on Monday afternoon.

[Photo: WDW Magic]