Private Cabanas to Be Removed From Magic Kingdom in February

Private Cabanas | Walt Disney World 2016

When Disney introduced their ‘private cabanas’ into Tomorrowland last November, they were met with much fanfare from the media… and jeers from park guests. At close to $700 per day, these pop-up tents — er, luxury cabanas — were apparently another attempt by Disney to capitalize on wealthier guests. While the concept might’ve sounded good to Disney Parks execs on paper, rapid price reductions, followed by a complete excising, indicates that the initiative landed with a thud.

Many guests return to their hotel rooms mid-day to escape the Florida heat, and I supposed that having easy access tents compete with refreshments in the park would be a nice escape (if only they had air conditioning for $700 a day.) But certainly not at that price point. And certainly not an off-the-shelf festival pop-up tent plopped in the middle of what is supposed to be an immersive themed area.

Well, you can’t blame them for trying.

The cabanas leave the Magic Kingdom after February 17, 2017… hopefully for good.

[Photo: Disney/CNN]

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